Magistrate and District Court

Contact Information
  1. Phone 208-745-6313 then option #3 for courts
  2. Fax 208-745-6636
  3. Email in regards to Civil cases -
  4. Email in regards to Criminal cases
  5. Email in regards to District cases
  6. Mailing and Physical address - 210 Courthouse Way Ste. 120, Rigby, ID 83442

Business hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM excluding major holidays

**Any filing made after 4:00 PM will be processed the next business day**

Payment Information 
1 - Automated Phone System (Additional Convience Fee)
  1. 1-888-588-2328
  2. You will need your citation number or case number (numbers only)
  3. Make sure to get a confirmation number or the payment did not go through
  4. It will take the courts 24 hours to recieve notice of this payment
2 - Website (Additional Convience Fee)
  1. (Multiple ways to search)
  2. Your payment will show in your case immediatley
3 - Mail in Payment or Drop Box in front of Courthouse
  1. 210 Courthouse Way, Ste. 120, Rigby, ID 83442
  2. Make check or money order to "Jefferson County Courts"
  3. Include a copy of citiation, or your citiation number and name 
  4. Please provide a phone number for any questions
4 -Bring Payment into Courts Office
  1. Accept cash, check or card ($3 fee for card transactions)
Civil Court Self-Help Information
Court Assistance Officer Information
  1. Contact the court officer with any questions on the procss, how to fill out forms or other questions 208-589-9872 or
  2. There are many forms on this website that you can either print yourself or come into the courts office to purchase a copy
Civil Protection Orders
1 - Please contact Domestic Violence 208-529-4352 to discuss your situation (even if it is not domestic violence) 
2 - Ways to file a protection order:
  1. Pick up an application from the courts and file a paper copy during business hours
  2. Print an application found online at and file a paper copy at the courts during business hours
  3. Fill out an application online at and file electronically anytime
Frequently Used Forms for Criminal and Juvenile Cases
  1. Record Request Form (Can be used for any type of case)
  2. Not Guilty Plea Form 
  3. Notification of Rights (Misdemenaor)
  4. Notification of Rights (Misdemenor Spanish)
  5. Notification of Rights (Felony)
  6. Notification of Rights (Felony Spanish)
  7. Notification of RIghts (Probation Violation)
  8. Notification of Rights (Probation Violation Spanish)
  9. Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment
  10. Application for Public Defender
  11. Rights in Juvenile Court
  12. Restricted Driver's Permit Application
  13. Request for Payment Plan






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