I have a telephonic pretrial scheduled and I can't get ahold of Prosecutor's Office

Just keep trying! There are several people trying to call in for a pretrial and sometimes it takes awhile. Leave a message if possible of you can try emailing the address listed on the notice of telephonic hearing certificate of service section.


What is the filing fee to file certain cases? Please contact the Court Clerk's 
How do I pay my fine? You can pay fines and citations using the Payment Information
How do I sign up for The Focus on the Children parenting classes? Parties are ordered to attend. The order will have specific information about the class. If you can't make it to the class that was ordered, you will need to contact the Court Clerk's for further information.
How much is the Focus on the Children parenting class and how do I pay for it? For a brand new case, the class is $35.00 per person. For a modification case, the class is $25.00 per person. Payments need to be made with the Jefferson County Court Clerk's with cash, check or card PRIOR to the date of the class.
When are the Focus on the Children parenting classes held?

Currently these classes are being held via Zoom. Once parties pay, the Court Clerk will send the receipt to the class coordinator who will then email the parties a link to join the Zoom meeting.

What is the process once I file a Civil Protection Order The Judge has 24 hours to make a decision. If the Civil Protection Order is approved, both parties will be personally served with paperwork. If the Civil Protection Order is denied, the person who filed it will recieve paperwork in the mail.
I need information about my Civil Protection Order that I filed. Court Clerk's cannot give any information regarding Civil Protection Order's over the phone. If you want information, you will need to come to the Court Clerk's Office in person and provide personal I.D.
How do I get a copy of documents out of a case and how much does it cost? You will need to fill out a "Record Request Form" Please note that the Clerk has 3 business days to either fill the request or let you know more time will be needed. If it is a sealed case or a case with minor children, the Clerk is required to get the Judge's approval before giving out any copies. The copies are $1.00 per page and can either be printed out and given in person, mailed or emailed. 
How do I get a document certified and how much does it cost?

If you have a copy of what you want certified, bring it into the Court Clerk's Office. The Clerk will then need to verify it matches what is in the court record which is $0.50 per page. Once every page has been verified, the Clerk will then certify the document which is $1.00 per certification.

If you do not have a copy of what you want, you will need to fill out a "Record Request Form". The Clerk can then make a copy of the cocument you are wanting certified which is $1.00 per page and then certify it for $1.00 per certification.

Can I view documents in a case without requsting a physical copy?

Yes, depending on the year of the case, you can view documents on the kiosk computer that is located in the lobby area of the Court Clerk's Office. Please note that there may be documents that are not viewable due to security put in place by the Supreme Court.

When is my hearing?

You can search information about a case by going to

Has there been paperwork filed on this certain person?

You can search information about a case by going to

How/Where can I get a background check?

You will need to contact Jefferson County Sheriff's Office or other private agencies that can perform this check.


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